Mr Roderick Coull
BA, FRCS(England), FRCS(Orth
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Foot and Ankle Surgery

There are a multitude of orthopaedic problems involving the foot and ankle ranging from relatively minor deformities of the toes to complicated arthritic conditions causing both deformity and pain in the larger joints including the ankle.

The foot is a complicated structure containing numerous bones, joints, muscles and tendons, ligaments and nerves and subsequently a large variety of conditions can result from damage to any of these structures. Because of the abundance of structures in the foot, accurate diagnosis of the problem is at times difficult but essential for successful treatment.

Surgery for many of these conditions is often the final step in the ladder of treatment and is often preceded by less invasive therapies such as physiotherapy (e.g strengthening of a particular muscle group), podiatry (e.g. fitting of an appropriate insole), therapeutic radiological procedures (e.g. ultrasound guided injection of a joint) or sometimes even simple resting of a structure in an appropriate splint.

A competent foot and ankle surgeon therefore has to be able to provide the patient with an accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan or ladder that is appropriate to the patient and, finally, the ability to perform surgery accurately and safely.